Bialetti 6-Cup Moka Express

Bialetti 6-Cup Moka Express

There’s a myriad of ways to brew your morning coffee, one of the favourites for flavour is to heat it on a stove using a moka pot.

The 6-Cup Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker will keep you and your friends/family/pets caffeinated throughout the day with great tasting coffee. If a 6-cup version isn’t the size you’re looking for, they come in sizes from 1-cup to 12-cup.

The espresso maker works by passing boiling water, pressurised by steam, from the bottom section through the ground coffee and into the top section ready to be poured and enjoyed.

Fun fact: So you can sound like a true coffee aficionado while you brew the bean, the moka pot was patented for the first time in Italy in 1933 by its inventor, Luigi De Pointi, for Alfonso Bialetti.