Gold Bullion Electric Arc Lighter

Gold Bullion Electric Arc Lighter

Nowadays you can power and recharge most things with a simple USB connection, and lighters are no exception. Welcome to the world of Electric Arc Lighters.

Also known as Plasma lighters, these flameless ignition boxes work by surging electricity between two conducting electrodes. The air between the two electrodes becomes ionised creating a visually mesmerising, but also very hot, blue arc.

The most practical benefit of using a flameless Arc Lighter over traditional gas lighters lies in it’s wind-resistance. Try blowing out an electric current.

Environmentally friendly, consistently ignites, and on a full charge (which takes about 2 hours) can last for about a week, or 200 uses.

Although our favourite is the Gold Bullion Arc Lighter, it comes in a vast array of shapes, colours, and sizes to suit your style.