Philips Wake-up Light

Philips Wake-up Light

Waking up in summer is a lot easier than waking up in winter. The main reason being that the sun rises earlier in summer and later in winter. This is fine if you’re living like our ancestors using the sun as our evolutionary alarm clock, but you’ve got to be in the office early for that big breakfast meeting and it’s still dark when your alarm goes off…

The Philips Wake-Up Light is your personal sunrise, clinically proven to naturally wake you up so you can get out of bed easier, feeling happier and more energised. 

The coloured sunrise simulation matches the warm red glows of an early sunrise and gradually brightens up through orange to a bright yellow light. If you find yourself still needing a nudge to get you up, The Philips Wake-Up Light comes with 5 natural alarm clock sounds from rainforest to seaside. It also has an FM radio and an auto-dimming digital clock.

It’s not just ideal for waking you up though, with Sleep Mode it’s perfect for bedtime too. Reversing the process from light to dark. You set the duration, relax in bed, and enjoy a sleep-inducing sunset.